Friday, 23 February 2007

SQL Documentation Tool 6.5

The SQL Documentation Tool creates comprehensive technical documentation reports for Microsoft SQL Server databases. Version 6.5 offers the following updates:

  • Added a Connection String field to the Connection properties window - this will allow a custom connection string to be specified. Note that a custom connection string must be specified for SQL Server 2005 - see the documentation for more information or try
  • Stopped system views appearing in documentation output.
  • The project "use table column descriptions" option is now correctly checked/unchecked.
    Fixed a minor status error in the database documentation routine.

Index Server Companion 2.8

The Index Server Companion is a web crawler utility that allows Microsoft Index Server/Indexing Services to index content from remote websites (including those running Apache on Linux/Unix) and ODBC databases. Version 2.8 offers the following update:
  • The AddURLToTitle configuration option has improved support for HTML documents with blank title tags (i.e. <title></title>).

Monday, 19 February 2007

.NET Documentation Tool 7.8 Changes

The .NET Documentation Tool creates comprehensive technical documentation for .NET and ASP.NET projects written in either C# or VB.NET. Forthcoming changes in version 7.8 of the .NET Documentation Tool:
  • The XML Comment parsing routine has been rewritten, allowing more tags to be supported in this and subsequent versions of the .NET Documentation Tool. See Recommended XML Tags for Documentation Comments for details of the tags that can be used to document .NET source code with the XML commenting system.
  • The XML Comment exception, paramref, see and seealso tags are now fully supported in both C# and VB.NET source code.
  • The XML Comment list tag is now supported. This tag allows bulleted or numbered lists as well as tables to be incorporated into the XML Comment documentation produced by the .NET Documentation Tool.
  • Subroutine argument XML Comments are now extracted from source code.
  • The HTML output for a project's functions and subroutines has been improved.

.NET Documentation Tool 7.7 Changes

The .NET Documentation Tool creates comprehensive technical documentation for .NET projects written in either C# or VB.NET. Forthcoming changes in version 7.7 of the .NET Documentation Tool:

  • XML Comments in Visual Studio 2005 format are now optionally extracted from VB.NET code (the .NET Documentation Tool has supported C# XML Comments in prior versions). See the section Documenting Your Code with XML (Visual Basic) in the Visual Studio 2005 documentation for information on using these comments in your own VB.NET code.
  • Code behind files with spaces in the filenames are now correctly identified.
  • / weird characters are now removed from source code files, improving the rendering of output of some source code files.

Friday, 16 February 2007

XML Comments in VB.NET


With the introduction of Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft have added the XML Comments system to VB.NET, so it is now possible to fully document VB.NET source code using the XML Comments technique that was previously only possible to utilise in C#. Thank you Microsoft!

Version 8.0 of the .NET Documentation Tool will support XML Comments in VB.NET as well as C#. This makes it possible to produce much higher quality documentation for VB.NET, so start adding XML Comments to your VB.NET code today!

P.S. If you're using Visual Studio 2005 it's easy - just type three single quotes above a class, function or property declaration and Visual Studio will automagically create an XML Comment template for you to complete.

XML Comments are also used by the Intellisense autocomplete system, so they're well worth using!


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