Tuesday, 7 October 2008

.NET Documentation Tool 9.3 (C#/VB.NET)

The .NET Documentation Tool code documentor tool automatically builds comprehensive technical software documentation for .NET Framework applications written in VB.NET or C#. Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access databases associated with the application may also be documented if required. There is enhanced functionality for documenting ASP.NET web applications.

Reports are created in HTML [sample], Microsoft's HTML Help [sample], word processor compatible RTF [sample], XML [sample] and text [sample] formats. Color coded, syntax highlighted copies of the .NET and SQL code are included with the reports. The compiled HTML Help reports include fully searchable source code, making the .NET Documentation Tool an essential utility in understanding and documenting your (or someone else's!) applications. Versions for ASP and Visual Basic 6.0 are also available.

Changes in version 9.3 of the .NET Documentation Tool are:
  • Improved detection of VB.NET properties with underscores or hypens in their names.

  • Improved the detection of VB.NET functions and subroutines.

  • Improved the syntax highlighting of VB.NET and C# application source code.

  • The documentation has been revised.

  • The GUI now shows a warning that the component folder path is not always required as the
    .NET Documentation Tool will automatically detect component files within input folders or
    their sub-folders (this includes code in the standard App_Code folder).

  • Improved the GUI's file loading and saving file requester.

    Download the .NET Documentation Tool Evaluation Version.NET Documentation Tool Trial Version