Thursday, 3 March 2011

Resite's Recorder Express

Want to document a Windows application so that end users find it easy to use? A solution is to use a professional documentation system like Resite Recorder Express. This tool makes it easy to make the walkthrough videos that you can use as marketing material, upload to YouTube or supply as online computer based training.

Resite Recorder Express was recently purchased by Epilogue Systems Inc. so the future of the product may be uncertain.

Documenting Python Application Source Code

Python is a popular programming language. Like Java and C#, it's possible to document code so that technical code documentation can be generated from it. A popular code documentation too for Python is epydoc. Here's more information about epydoc and how it can be used to produce much higher quality application source code.

Tag Cloud Creators

Blog-like websites are increasingly popular. One way of enhancing your website to make it more blog-like is to add a Tag Cloud. A Tag Cloud is a list of the popular keywords associated with the content on your site. Often Tag Clouds are generated based on the words appearing in your website's content. Other Tag Clouds are generated based on what users are finding popular, and keywords they're using to find your site.

There's another less well known use of Tag Clouds. By linking to the popular content on your site, they can make the site a little more SEO friendly.

Many website content mangement systems come with modules to allow Tag Clouds to be added to a site. WordPress CMS in particular has a large number of different Tag Cloud options.

Here's more information about Tag Cloud creators, plus an example Tag Cloud.

Ants Profiler - .NET Framework Performance Tool

Ant's Profiler is a software development tool provided by Red Gate. The memory profiler helps in the development of .NET Framework applications by profiling .NET application performance. It allows the development team to focus on improving performance of code that is called the most times. Ants Profiler supports both the C# and VB.NET programming languages commonly used with the .NET Framework.

Here's a more in depth look at what Ants Memory Profiler can do, and why it's worth downloading a trial version.