Thursday, 12 April 2007

SQL Documentation Tool 6.9.1

The SQL Documentation Tool creates comprehensive technical documentation reports for Microsoft SQL Server databases. Version 6.9.1 offers the following updates:
  • Changed the way data field lengths are reported. Lengths are now reported only for fields of type char, nchar, varchar, nvarchar and varbinary.
  • nchar and nvarchar field lengths are reported in terms of the amount of characters that can be stored within them.
  • Improved error handling when buttons are pressed in GUI without items being selected first.
  • Improved error handling in DataStore accessing class.
  • More buy now buttons added to sample output in evaluation version.
  • Increased size of buy now button in evaluation version.
  • Decreased the connection timeout time, making it easier to know if the SQL Server connectivity has not been correctly established.
  • Database specific content data extraction routine now reports correct msdb database name.