Tuesday, 5 February 2008

SQL Documentation Tool 7.3 for SQL Server

The SQL Documentation Tool is a complete database documentor solution for Microsoft SQL Server databases. It automatically creates comprehensive technical documentation reports for databases, saving valuable developer time and money.

Reports are created in HTML [sample], Microsoft's HTML Help [sample], RTF [sample] and text [sample] formats. Color coded, syntax highlighted copies of the Transact SQL associated with stored procedures, functions and views are included with the reports. The compiled HTML Help reports includes an index and search facility.

Version 7.3 offers the following update:

  • The system table 'sysdiagrams' is now excluded from SQL Server 2005 reports.

  • Views with the table owner of 'sys' are now correctly excluded from SQL Server 2005 reports.

  • The following system stored procedures are no longer documented: 'sp_alterdiagram', 'sp_creatediagram', 'sp_dropdiagram', 'sp_helpdiagramdefinition', 'sp_helpdiagrams', 'sp_renamediagram', 'sp_upgraddiagrams' and 'fn_diagramobjects'.

  • The date and time of errors is now added to the error log file.

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