Tuesday, 7 September 2010

How to Make Your Own Cardboard People

If you're looking for an original gift for someone then it's hard to do better than making cardboard people. Making a cardboard cutout of a person is a great gift whether it's for a birthday, retirement party, important anniversary or some other occasion.

As well as being a great gift idea, cardboard people can be a great business promotional tool. For years cinemas as well as music and entertainment stores have used cardboard celebrities to promote new films, albums, books and other merchandise. Getting a celebrity to endorse your product is one of the oldest promotional marketing tools in the book. Unfortunately it's really expensive to get an A or B list celebrity to promote your business. The next best thing is a cardboard cutout of that person.

Cardboard people can be bought online from a number of retailers. They will often have special deals on cardboard people who are in the news (such as the hottest celebrities and newsworthy people). A lot of art supply companies will also custom build you a cardboard person of your choice.

A cheaper option is to make your own cardboard person. Here's some great software for doing this yourself. All of the materials you need to make your cardboard person are easy to obtain, and you can use any printer to print out your cardboard person.