Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Stock Trading Software

Stock trading software is essential if you want to have a go at making it as a day trader. Stock trading software can be used to document your existing trades as well as show promising new trades.

Stock trading software used to be mainly based on desktop PC software. It is now increasingly possible to use ever more advanced stock trading facilities using online based trading platforms. Such platforms are attractive because they can be accessed from any location where an Internet browser is available. Many of the popular trading platforms are also available on mobile computing devices.

Two of the most popular trading software packages for the serious trader or day trader are MetaStock and TradeStation. Both have comprehensive facilities for tracking and documenting stock trades, and allow access to a wide variety of markets. Both are also popular with traders who have a programming background, as both packages can be programmed so that custom stock indicators can be programmed into the trading platform.

If you’re not a semi-professional trader or day trader then an alternative is to use one of the many free websites to keep track of your portfolio. Financial sites with good portfolio tracking tools include iii.co.uk and the Motley Fool. Both Yahoo and Google also now offer enhanced facilities for small time stock traders.